Even after you pass away, your disabled child may need continued care and support. You have many choices, but you should pick what’s best for you based on your child’s needs and your available finances.

Know Family Limits
While choosing a family member to care for your child may be your first thought, think of how this will affect them physically, financially, and emotionally. An easy, albeit sometimes costly, choice is to hire an aide for respite services. This can allow for a family member to work and earn more income beyond the cost of the caregiver. It depends on your unique situation, but keep in mind that you may hire an aide directly, or through the employment of a larger company.

Ask Questions
No matter what choice you make, you will want to make sure that your child’s future caregiver is truly prepared. Ask for their education, experience, skills and check for any certifications. Since your situation will be unique, offer some examples and questions regarding your child and watch for whether your candidate sincerely takes interest in your child to heart, or if they view this as simply another job.

If your child requires a care center, be sure to ask similarly specific questions. In addition, ask about any alleged abuse or neglect to clients, along with checking what the public view is. Be sure to find out what the staff to client ratio will be, how quick response time is, whether supervision is provided 24 hours, for any accreditations the facility has, and for the staff turnover. It is also worth seeing if the facility already has a client that is comparable to your child, and how their experience with the facility is.

Stay Involved
Keeping communication going is vital to finding a suitable caregiver for your child. Be sure to meet often and make sure you both understand and meet the expectations set. Ask questions and consider spending time volunteering to find out more about the care process.


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