People are living longer than ever before, and many retirees may spend 30+ years in retirement. Everyone planning for a comfortable retirement needs to carefully consider adding long-term care provisions. Preparing for the possibility of long-term care helps preserve independence, provide financial security, preserve your quality of life (and that of your family’s), and improve financial outcomes. The longer a person lives, the more likely a need for long-term care will be a reality.

What is long-term care?

Most people think of a nursing home when asked what long-term care is, but it truly encompasses so much more. Home-based care, assisted living, adult day-care, and other support services all fall within the scope of long-term care. Medical care is only a small part of overall long-term care needs. Most people needing care options need a range of services and support that cover basic daily living activities and everyday tasks.

Basic daily living activities include things we take for granted. Imagine needing help bathing, toileting, caring for incontinence, dressing, and eating. In addition to meeting those personal needs, long-term care involves support services for daily activities – housework, taking medication, shopping, pet care, money management, meal preparation and cleanup, getting to appointments, and more.

With the right services and care options, you can preserve your dignity, quality of life, and financial stability.

But what about Medicare and Medicaid? Aren’t those enough?

The truth is Medicare and Medicaid don’t cover all long-term care expenses. Even with Social Security benefits and savings, unexpected care needs can quickly jeopardize your finances. The best way to meet the future, even a future of the unexpected, is to plan ahead.

How Do I Plan for This?

By working with FSG to protect your retirement with flexible long-term care options, you can plan ahead with confidence. Focusing on a healthy financial plan puts you in control and brings peace of mind to what should be many of your best years in life.

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