Life insurance tends to be a topic people shy away from because it means talking about death. Though it may be uncomfortable to think about dying, the reality is that the time and care we spend in a little planning can spare our loved ones from making hard choices when they feel vulnerable. Most people need to find appropriate life insurance coverage, but many fail to get it without the prompting of a major life event.

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Does everyone need life insurance?

Anyone who is married, planning to marry, thinking about starting a family, caring for dependent relatives, owns a business, or has debt needs the coverage life insurance provides – in other words, you can protect anyone who will be adversely affected by your death (especially an untimely one). Even stay-at-home parents need coverage to help provide for child care, education, housekeeping, and other essential expenses once they’re gone. At the very least, a policy can help cover the expenses associated with settling estate or income taxes and a funeral.

Don’t put off a decision about this important piece of your financial plan. There are many different affordable policies and riders available to you, even if you have some health concerns.

Wondering when to purchase life insurance?

Now is always the right time to start or evaluate your financial plan. To find the right policy, you need to consider your age, how many people are depending on your income, how close to retirement you are, and even how much income you’ll need in retirement. If you already have life insurance, we’re happy to review your current coverage to make sure it meets your ever changing needs. Every financial situation is unique and FSG provides dependable options and guidance. There are a variety of insurance products to choose from, making it possible to craft a plan to suit your needs throughout your lifetime. We exclusively use B+ or better rated companies because of their solid performance records and high ratings with A.M. BEST, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch.

For a consultation to discuss how term or universal life insurance, annuities, and other insurance products benefit your financial plans, call us today. Eliminate the guesswork and take control of your future with FSG.

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Annuities and life insurance can play an essential role in your retirement portfolio by helping to protect what you’ve earned and ensure it lasts.

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